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PS4 Strange Brigade

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Strange Brigade is a online co-op third person shooting action game. It is about 4 agents called ‘Strange Brigade’ who tries to defeat Seteki who arised from , the witch queen and her undead followers. 

Players will be one of four agent and will face numerous ancient enemies in the dangerous ruins, enormous Pyramids, and caves that are falling apart and solve dangerous puzzles find treasures while adventure.

In the game play, players will be able to hunt down enemies by activating spinning blades, fire trap, rock traps and many more creative ways.

Also, Strange Brigade offers single play mode and co-op modes that allows 2 – 4 player to play. Go ahead and enjoy with your friends and family to resolve all the adventures and defeat the witch queen, Seteki!


Developer: Sold Out (Rebellion Developments)

Publisher: Inplay Interactive Co., Ltd.

# of Players: 1 ~ 4 Online Co-op

Voice/Subtitles: English/Korean

Launch Date: August 23, 2018



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