Inplay Interactive Co. Ltd. is cooperating with various local and foreign partners to work on the mobile game projects while utilizing number of famous IP.
We will continue our effort to introduce various mobile games to Korean users.  

Samurai X (KALKALKAL) for Kakao

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Samurai X (KALKALKAL) for kakao is a running style action mobile game that is inspired by Samurai Shodown IP (Intellectual Property) of ‘SNK Playmore’. By utilizing sword weapon, the players will have to avoid or crash obstacles and defeating enemy to proceed.

The visual and sound effect while player swings sword will offer players with better experience of the game and will lead them to concentrate more in the game. Also, once the player hits Perfect Combo, the game will offer players with humorous voice over to let them enjoy the game throughout.


Launch Date: June 25th, 2013



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