Inplay Interactive Co. Ltd. is cooperating with various local and foreign partners to work on the mobile game projects while utilizing number of famous IP.
We will continue our effort to introduce various mobile games to Korean users.  

Samurai Shodown Slash for Kakao

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Samurai Shodown Slash for Kakao is the official follow up work of Samurai X (KALKALKAL). It requires players to click only 2 buttons, which are to jump and to attack so that they can crash obstacles and proceed. The process of game play is very swift. The title adds new characters, new modes from the previous version and enhanced the game.

In Samurai Shodown Slash for Kakao, various characters are introduced such as ‘Caomaru’, ‘Hattori Hanzo’ and ‘Charlotte’ from ‘Samurai Shodown’ and ‘Kyo Kusanagi’, ‘Iori Yagami’, ‘Mai Shiranui’ from ‘The King of Fighters’. 

Also, the game contains Boss Mode which lets players to face strong boss in running action. Players will be facing ‘Amakusa Shiro’, the main boss from ‘Samurai Shodown’.


Launch Date: October 14th, 2014




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